Prototype bending technologies

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Prototype bending technologies

Bending is a type of sheet metal prototype fabrication process, it helps you to get different shapes by just a few of bending steps. But, do you know in details how to get those shapes done by different bending knifes?

First, we need suitable bending machine, and its main parameters are pressure and workbench length. The second is the bending knifes which usually include the following different types, see below the Fig. (1)

Bender type-1

In here, we just focus on the bending knifes’ usages at different occasions regarding how to get correct bended prototype parts/shapes. The straight bending knife can be used on any occasions which do not have any interference problem, see below Fig. (2)

Bender type-2

But, if meet the following occasions, then we must consider how to avoid interferences, see below Fig. (3)

Bender type-3

From the Fig. (3), obviously we meet interferences. So, we need to consider using other type of bending knifes. In the left side of the Fig. (3), we can consider to use small curved bending knife to avoid interference, see below Fig. (4).

Bender type-4

But for the occasion shown as the right side of Fig. (3), we must use the sharp bending knife, see below Fig. (5). The issue of sharp bending knife is that it usually can be used for thickness lower than 1.5mm because it cannot resist high strength. So, need to consider change the manufacturing sequences, for example to make the protruded holes after bending process.

Bender type-5

Another occasion is that when found it cannot avoid interference even use small curved bender, then we need to use big curved bender, see below Fig. (6)

Bender type-6

For different wall thickness material, there are some limits between bending height and width of V shape slot on lower tool. Usually the width of V shape should be 6 times of wall thickness, and this is regarded as the best practice in industries. Besides, usually the V shape lower tool is classified per their width, for example 6# and #9 tool, see below Fig. (7).

Bender type-7.01

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