NCT Sheet Metal Prototype Stamping



Diffrent to deep drawn prototype stamping, some prototype parts only need shallow drawn features, and depends on parts’ quantity, sometimes using NC stamping process is a more economical and faster way which can save significant tooling investment and time taking for you.

In fact, NCT stamping is developed for high flexibility and efficient processing of sheet metal stampings, it can be used on a variety of sheet metal materials, and can make irregularly-shaped holes, countersunk holes, hole flanging, embossed ribs and window-shades continuously and automatically.

Metal-Star prototype equips 2 AMADA ARIES-255 and 1 TAILIFT HPS 1250X NC punch presses, we able to supply high quality NCT sheet metal prototype stamping parts for you and run small amount sheet metal fabrication cases in a wide range of materials and size, our capabilities are as below,

1, material range including cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. The maximum material thickness can go up to 5mm.

2, the maximum part size can up to 45.0 inches x 45.0 inches (length x width).

3, 7 to 15 days for 1 to 1000 metal prototype stamping parts or small amount sheet metal production parts.

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