How to get a quote?
Send your RFQ data by e-mail or leave a message online, our sales team will be contacting with you or providing quotation in 8 hours (except holidays).
What information do you need for a quote?
We need 3D data or detailed 2D drawings, material of each part, required quantity, final finishing request...The file formats we can handle include: STEP, IGS, X_T, PRT, SLDPRT, STL, DWG, PDF etc.
How to rise a PO with us?
Just need to sign on formal quotation, and send back scan file to us, then a PO is released and work starts.
What is your lead time?
Normally small projects 3-7 days, medium projects 7-15days, big projects 15-30 days. DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT will take about 2-3 days to reach you.
How to choose the right process for my prototypes?
It depends on your part design, functional intent, and material thickness. In general, larger parts or trade show models should use CNC Machining; very thin parts should use SLS or SLA processes. For functional parts, should use similar production processes and use corresponded material as per design (such as deep drawn stamped parts). Our engineer will guide you to select the right solution for your prototype per your requests and budget.
What is your tolerance?
General tolerance is +/-0.1mm. We can achieve +/-0.05mm or even higher tolerance if needed. For precision machining parts, we can provide full inspection report.
What are your payment terms?
We request 50% payment upfront for new customers or for the ordered amount price higher than USD10000, the rest of 50% payment can be done after prototypes are successfully delivered; After 5 orders and ordered amount price is less than USD10000, you can pay after received the prototypes.