The Importance Of Prototype In The Industrial Design

The Importance Of The Industrial Design For Prototype
Traditional sheet metal prototyping vs. 3D print
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The Importance Of Prototype In The Industrial Design

Design Optimization

Modern industrial design covers a wide range of content, from paper clips, pens, large aircraft, ships, all contains the shadow of modern industrial design, but so many products are not the same. The design method of some products with curved surfaces, such as small household appliances products, one can directly through the computer design, on the other hand can also through reverse engineering technology and other data, smoothing correction by the difference algorithm, the three-dimensional model data formed after the correction can be used to model production. The art design emphasis on the change of surface modeling, the advantage of this method is more obvious first. By the design personnel directly with clay materials such as shape, and then the model parameters by the 3D scanner, get the original model of computer number According to any further by hand fast model equipment to manufacture, it can greatly improve the design efficiency.

 design and discussion

In the process of product design, the discussion was very important, visualization is an important link of product design expression, is the cornerstone of the discussion of the design. The rapid prototype can obtain higher design efficiency at the same time. Compared with the plane of the 2D performance, prototype has irreplaceable advantages. Prototype can make the product details more clearly, the products more intuitive visual experience, the design team observe these design and in the coordination of the whole team work has obvious advantages.

function test

Prototype can do functional test and Simulation of the final product form, include functional form, surface morphology. Use the materials with certain intensity (such as ABS, PC, etc.), you can create contains internal structure of functional to test products structure is reasonable.

reduce costs

A cost of $100 prototype defects, if it invest to the market, may cause huge losses of $100000. In some times, this problem is often fatal. The design process is necessary, so the product design process in the early time to find defects in the product design process, so as to avoid subsequent production is very important.

market research

Prototype making is convenient in the product performance can be made of different schemes of the initial model, through the exhibition or to end customers were verified by the practical form of market research.