Soft mold of prototype deep draw stamping

An economical way to make deep draw metal samples
New Year 2018 at Metalstar Prototype
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Soft mold of prototype deep draw stamping

To make few sets of deep draw stamped sheet metal prototype in competitive price, the most important factor is the soft mold development. For example, to make 3sets deep drawn stamped BBQ grill lid or body which is around 22inches in diameter and 7.8inches in depth using 0.032inches CRCQ steel, we have follow 3 types of raw material options for developing the mold,

1> if the part is without small deep ribs or other precise small features,  for example, a round shape BBQ grill lid using 0.032inches CRCQ steel, then we can use ABS material and use CNC machining way to make the mold.

2>if the part has many precise small features, for example, many ribs in 0.2inch height and width, or the thickness is thicker than 0.04inch, or maybe customer need stainless steel parts, then we must use metallic materials for the mold because ABS or other resin material is too soft. So, if customer confirms that he only needs 3sets of deep drawn stamped BBQ grill lid or body, then we use aluminum alloy as the raw material for the mold.

3>per above #2 mentioned, even the customer only needs to make 3 sets prototype at the first time, but if there is high possibility that the customer will increase prototype quantity in near future, then we will communicate with customer at the begining that suggest using steel material for the deep draw staming mold. This is because in anyway the aluminum alloy is much softer than steel, which can be easily worn out.

Regarding of cost of the soft mold, in general, a steel mold’s cost is about 40% higher than an aluminum alloy mold, and an aluminum alloy mold’s cost is also about 40%  higher than an ABS mold.

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