Quality control of prototype stamping

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Quality control of prototype stamping

Short lead time or emergency is the usual status for prototyping tasks (especially for deep drawn stamping prototype parts which need deep drawn prototype tools), but good quality is the life of a prototype factory. So, how to deliver good quality prototype parts in short lead time is the question which we keep asking to ourselves.

To achieve the goal as our company slogan says -” Get it right, first time, every time!”, Metalstar prototype implements strict quality controlling procedure for all our prototype stamping tasks, from one single part to small amount production all the same. So, we hereby share with our customers about our primary quality control procedures as following 3 points,

1, raw material purchasing management(RMPM). Per raw material defined in customers’ design files, or use alternative raw materials agreed by customers, all raw materials must be purchased with material certificate/qualification form provided by vendor at the same time, and Metalstar verifies the raw materials again in-house for ensuring correct raw materials to be used for prototype parts’ fabrication.

Prototype material certificate

2, Fabricating process self-check(FPSC). During the tooling and prototype parts’ stamping or fabricating steps, the mold-makers check every detail of the processes and semi-finished parts by himself, and then go to next step after it is confirmed.

Prototype fabrication self-check

3, First article inspection report(FAIR). FAI is the last checking/inspection step before sending prototype parts to customers, and it is the most important step for ensuring we always deliver qualified prototype parts to our customers, or notify to our customers what the quality status of the prototype parts are, so that to give clear information about the prototype parts’ status before our customers to use them for next steps. In general, the FAI includes checking/verifying for dimensions, technical notes, raw material and other specific requirements from customers.

Prototype FAI

Thanks for reading! The team at Metalstar Prototype is always fulfilled with passion and professionalism to assist you to turn your innovative ideas into practical solution.