An economical way to make deep draw metal samples

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An economical way to make deep draw metal samples

In new product design phase, it makes headache to many companies about how to make few pieces special shape deep draw stamped samples.

Many companies choose using CNC machining way, either using plastic, or using steel materials, but any way these material’s physical features are much different to design expected material, and these differeneces also cause suface finishing difference or even they can not be finished correctly per design. Additonally, using CNC maching way is too difficult to meet designed thickness.

To make deep draw mold which is similar to production deep draw mold and then draw the part using correct raw material? This might be a way to resolve the problem as above metioned. But, the tooling cost is a big problem, do we have enough budget for this project in developing phase? The answer most of the time is “no”, we can not afford a set of expensive deep draw mold to make just 1 or 2 parts for testing, the long-time taking to make the tools is also a unacceptable factor.

So, do we have a way to resolve this issue? Yes, in prototyping way using simplified prototype mold, it is a better way for you to make deep draw stamped samples per design within budget and the cost usually much less than using CNC machining way.

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